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“Europe of camps” deploys its web

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Map posted the 2014/03/03


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"Europe of camps" deploys its web


This map shows the location of camps (black dots). These are connected by a white line if the distance between them is less than 200 km. This complex network composed by lines and dots symbolizes a central device for the European Union’s “fight against the immigration”: the confinement. With this device, represented here as a web, the border of the European Union isn’t anymore a line bounding the Schengen area as it is usually represented. It’sa network. Furthermore, this map show that this « migratory border » overflows widely on the nearby countries which, because of the unequal balance of power, have no other choice that playing the border guard.


Date(s) of publication: 2014
Author(s): Migreurop
Credits: Migreurop