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Tag: "The hidden face of immigration detention camps in Europe"


Progressive privatisation of camps management

The management of migrant detention centres draws more and more the interest of private companies and multinational corporations. In the European Union (EU), privatization was pioneered by the United Kingdom where the State controls only part of the centres. The rest is entrusted to private companies, from construction and maintenance, to access to healthcare, accommodation […]


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Maximum periods of detention for foreign detainees in the EU

According to the “Return” Directive, detention should be an exceptional measure, allowed only when other less coercive measures cannot be applied to carry out a deportation. However, in practice, several Member States make systematic use of detention, even though it is clearly defined as a measure of “last resort” in national law and even though […]


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The pricipal spaces of detention

In 2011, the Migreurop network listed close to 300 existing migrant detention facilities throughout the 27 EU countries. If those linked to the EU’s migration policy located in countries outside the EU are added – such as in Ukraine, Turkey or Libya – the number reaches almost 420. The increasing number of detention facilities in […]



Euphemisms of camps in Europe

This map shows some euphemisms used by member states to refer to the different types of detention centres: Romania refers to “public support centres” (Centrul de custodie publica). Turkey – an EU candidate country – went as far as using the term “guest houses”, until it was called to order by the Committee for the […]


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Criminalisation of immigration

Migrants without papers can end up being locked up in camps for migrants, deported and banned from entering EU territory for five years. The introduction of a “criminal offence of illegal entry or stay” in some destination countries (in Italy for example) and the imposition of racial profiling practices against migrants across Europe are some […]