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The pricipal spaces of detention

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Map posted the 2014/12/18

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In 2011, the Migreurop network listed close to 300 existing migrant detention facilities throughout the 27 EU countries.

If those linked to the EU’s migration policy located in countries outside the EU are added – such as in Ukraine, Turkey or Libya – the number reaches almost 420.

The increasing number of detention facilities in EU neighboring countries is directly linked to the security-based approach to migration adopted by EU Member States. It also illustrates the process of rationalization of the detention of migrants, that can be seen through the construction of large facilities near major airports: 623 beds in Harmondsworth (United Kingdom), 354 in Ponte Galeria (Rome), Le Mesnil- Amelot (France) with a capacity of 240 beds and since 2013 a centre with a capacity 250 opened in Menogeia (Cyprus) in the vicinity of Larnaka.

This map presents only, the principal spaces of detention in Europe –whose capacity is greater than 5 places- and the countries that are eligible for the EU Neighborhood Policy, operational until 2011. Numerous small places of detention –unmapped in this document- exist in EU territory.

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Date(s) of publication: 2014
Author(s): Migreurop
Credits: The hidden face of immigration detention camps in Europe