[Migreurop] At the margins of Europe: externalisation of migratory controls: report by migreurop

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Article posted the 2012/02/22

New report by Migreurop on the impact of externatlisation of borders by the EU

In its commentary on its first map of ‘camps for foreigners in Europe’ in 2003, Migreurop already raised the matter of the diversity of administrative mechanisms aimed at grouping migrants together, and called to “move beyond the sole reference to detention and consider any place used to exclude migrants as a camp” 4. The variety of forms that detention can take on today for the purpose of migration control has been growing since then, ranging from large detention centres surrounded by walls and fences to a multiplicity of makeshift, often tiny, places that are scattered across arrival and transit areas for exiles who are heading towards northern Europe. The inhumanity of the former has been repeatedly revealed over the last few years, when there have been revolts by detainees, suicides and intentional fires in Belgium, the United Kingdom
and in several large detention centres for foreigners awaiting expulsion (CIE) in Italy, highlighting its nature as a means of concentration.

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