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Technical notice

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Mapping technologies used

Interactive maps shown on the website were developed with the open-source tool OpenLayers. Data contained in the maps was gathered by Migreurop. Base maps are produced by MapBox, a service which bases most of its work on data gathered within the framework of the international and collaborative project OpenStreetMap.

On the possible inaccuracy of data contained on this website

Data displayed by Migreurop on the website may contain inaccurate elements due to the participative nature of data collection. Do not hesitate to report to us any error and contribute to the improved quality of data by contributing to the better knowledge of camps.

On geolocation

To contribute to a satisfactory online experience using the website’s maps, you may be geolocated. Please note that you will be systematically requested to provide your consent before any geolocation and that your location will never be stored, archived or brought to the knowledge of Migreurop’s team. Moreover, in some parts of the world or in certain network configurations, the geolocation function may be imprecise. Unfortunately, this is completely beyond our control. Please accept our apologies.