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As the main country through which migrants entered the EU 2015, Greece is notorious for its deadly border with Turkey, the numerous violations of migrants’ rights, unlawful returns or "push-backs" and many interventions by the Frontex agency. Since the 2000s the camps, which were already numerous, have multiplied and the detention of migrants, including asylum seekers, has become systematic. Following law 3907/2011, which envisaged the establishment of pre-expulsion centres with massive capacities (between 500 and 1000), the length of detention which was initially limited to 18 months was extended, under certain conditions, to an indefinite period. This archipelago of camps has been added to through a multitude of police stations and informal places of confinement in which foreigners are held, out of view. The increase in arrivals since 2015 has led the country, under pressure from the EU, to reinforce the «sorting» of migrants through the establishment of «hotspots» which, in continuity with the detention practices which were undertaken until then, aim to separate migrants who can be expelled from the others, following modalities and in conditions that are far from being clear.

Last update date: 02/2016

Number of camps: 41
Number of camps entered in the database. For the calculation of the number of camps, please refer to the Methodology page

Camps in this country:

- Alexander
- Alexandroupoli (Border police station)
- Amygdaleza
- Amygdaleza (for minors)
- Aspropyrgos (Detention Center)
- Athens airport
- Athens airport (Detention centre)
- Athens, Elliniko (old aeroport, detention centre 1)
- Athens, Elliniko (Old aeroport, detention centre 2)
- Athens, Petrou ralli
- Feres (New border police station)
- Filakio (KEΠY)
- Filakio (Pre-removal centre)
- Heraklio
- Iasmos (Police station)
- Igoumenitsa (Port police station)
- Isaakio (Border police station)
- Kalamata
- Komotini (Detention Centre)
- Korinthos
- Kos

- Larissa
- Leros Hotspot
- Lesbos (Police station)
- Lesbos Harbor
- Mersinidi (Chios)
- Metaxades (Border police station)
- Monastiriou
- Moria (Lesbos)
- Neo Cheimonio (Border police station)
- Paranesti Pre-removal centre
- Patras (Police station)
- Poros (First reception centre of Evros)
- Samos (Detention Centre)
- Samos (Hotspot)
- Soufli (Border police station)
- Thessaloniki (Detention Centre)
- Tychero (Border police station)
- Vial (Chios)
- Xanthi
- Xanthi police station


Total capacity (sum of the capacities of the camps across the country)


Official information (Ministry of Interior, etc.) about the total capacity of the camps in a country are sometimes available. However this indicator is the sum of the capacities of operational camps in the country. The sources of these data are often different from one camp to another, it is not possible for us – as a matter of readability – to display these sources here. We are looking for a technical solution to indicate the various sources of this indicator, and report further discrepancies between the official total capacity and the actual capacity. As a reminder, the official total capacity of camps - when published - is often less than the actual capacity.

Typology of camps in the country:

- Centre de rétention administrative (CRA)
- Τμήμα Συνοριακής Φύλαξης (Border police department)
- Border police station (BPS)
- ΚΠΔ κεντρο προσωρινης διαμονης
- ΚΕΠΥ Kεντρο Υπηρεσίας Πρώτης Υποδοχής
- Αστυνομικό Τμήμα (Police station)
- Λιμενικό Τμήμα (port police station)
- Hotspot
- Κεντρο καταγραψης (registration center)
- πρώτο κέντρο υποδοχής (first reception center)

Maximum length of detention in the country (in days)


Law 3386/2005 consulted the 28/09/2014
Presidential Decree 114/2010 consulted the 28/09/2014
Law 3907/2011 and Directive 2008/115 EC : consulted the 28/09/2014
Presidential Decree 116/2012 consulted the 28/09/2014
From 2013 to 2014
Rapport FRA et CPT Grèce + questionnaire directive retour complété par Eva Breki (anciennement à la Cimade) et renvoyé en janvier 2013
For other years
Source not given.

Number of persons detained: 108315 (in 2009)


Eurostat / in COM(2011) 248 final, Communication de la commission au Parlement européen, au Conseil, au Comité économique et social européen et au comité des Régions. Communication sur la migration

Number of persons deported


From 2002 to 2010
greek police statistics
2011, consulted the 05/08/2014
From January to October 2012 :, consulted the 05/08/2014
For 10 months in 2013:, consulted the 05/08/2014 (Statistics published from Foreigners Direction, 4th departement)
2014 consulté le 30/01/2016
Greek police : consulté le 30/01/2016

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