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In France, the places involving administrative detention are divided into four categories: first of all, there are waiting zones in ports and airports for foreigners who are stopped at the border and whose documents are not in order (maximum length of detention / mld = 24 days). Then, there are administrative detention centres (CRAs) which detain a part of the sans-papiers who are present in the territory (mld = 45 days). Then there are police stations where rooms for administrative detention (mld = from 2 to 4 days) which may be found, considering that all the police stations may be used for detainees as of 4 p.m. while awaiting verification of foreigners’ administrative status and to transfer them, if necessary, to a CRA. Finally, there is prison, and the CESEDA (code on the entry and residence of foreigners and of the right to asylum) actually envisages that a three-year prison sentence may be issued to those migrants who resist their expulsion.

Last update date: 02/2016

Number of camps: 65
Number of camps entered in the database. For the calculation of the number of camps, please refer to the Methodology page

Camps in this country:

- Ajaccio (Aéroport de)
- Allonnes
- Bâle Mulhouse (Aéroport de)
- Bastia
- Beauvais (Aéroport de)
- Bordeaux
- Bordeaux (Aéroport de)
- Brest
- Brest (Port de)
- Brest - Bretagne (Aéroport de )
- Calais (port de)
- Cayenne (Rochambeau)
- Cergy-Pontoise
- Cherbourg
- Choisy-le-Roi
- Coquelles
- Guadeloupe - Les Abymes
- Hendaye
- La Réunion - Le Chaudron
- Le Lamentin (Aéroport de)
- Le lamentin 1
- Le lamentin 2
- Lille 2
- Lille Lesquin (Aéroport de)
- Lille Lesquin 1
- Lyon
- Lyon Saint Exupéry (Aéroport de)
- Marseille (Le Canet) - CRA
- Marseille (Le Canet) - ZA
- Marseille Provence (Aéroport de)
- Mayotte (Mamoudzou)
- Mayotte (Pamandzi)
- Mayotte (Pamandzi)

- Mayotte - Pamandzi
- Mesnil Amelot 2 et 3
- Metz Queuleu
- Modane
- Modane (Gare de)
- Nice
- Nice - Côte d'Azur Aéroport Terminal 1 et 2
- Nîmes
- Orly (Aéroport de)
- Palaiseau
- Paris dépôt
- Paris Vincennes
- Perpignan
- Perpignan-Rivesaltes (Aéroport de)
- Plaisir
- Port Vendres (Port de Commerce Hall Maritime)
- Quimper - Cornouaille (Aéroport de)
- Rennes-Saint Jacques de la Lande
- Roscoff (gare maritime de)
- Rouen - Oissel
- Saint-Louis
- Saint-Martin
- Sainte-Marie (Aéroport de)
- Sète
- Sète (Port de)
- Soisson
- Strasbourg-Geispolsheim
- Toulouse (Aéroport de)
- Toulouse-Cornebarrieu
- Tours
- Troyes
- ZAPI 3 (Roissy)


Total capacity (sum of the capacities of the camps across the country)


Official information (Ministry of Interior, etc.) about the total capacity of the camps in a country are sometimes available. However this indicator is the sum of the capacities of operational camps in the country. The sources of these data are often different from one camp to another, it is not possible for us – as a matter of readability – to display these sources here. We are looking for a technical solution to indicate the various sources of this indicator, and report further discrepancies between the official total capacity and the actual capacity. As a reminder, the official total capacity of camps - when published - is often less than the actual capacity.

Typology of camps in the country:

- Accomodation or detention of migrants waiting to cross a border legally
- Centre de rétention administrative (CRA)
- Zone d'attente (ZA)

Maximum length of detention in the country (in days)


Durée maximale d'enfermement: Nous considérons les 2 dispositifs d'enfermement français (ZA et CRA) et reprenons la durée max d'enfermement / Source: Migreurop
From 1982 to 2015

Number of persons detained


From 2003 to 2009
Anafé / Cimade
From 2010 to 2012
Anafé / ASSFAM / Cimade / Forum Réfugiés / France Terre d'Asile / Ordre de Malte
The use of detention and alternatives to detention in the context of immigration policies / Synthesis Report for the EMN Focussed Study 2014
Rapport inter associatif 2014 sur les centres et locaux de rétention administrative, 2015, p.8

Number of persons deported


From 2002 to 2004
CIREFI / in SEC (2006)1010, Second annual report on the development of a common policy on illegal immigration, smuggling and trafficking of human beings, external border controls, and the return of illegal residents
From 2008 to 2014
Eurostat, 2016
For other years
Source not given.

Outgoing Dublin transfers



Incoming Dublin transfers



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