Spain [EN, ES] Visit of the foreigners detention centre (CIE) of Algeciras and its annex in Tarifa

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Article posted the 2014/11/17

[EN] On 17th November 2014, in the frame of a mission in Spain to which participated some MEPs, the MEP Marina Albiol (GUE/NGL) visited, with the Spanish associations Andalucía Acoge, Algeciras Acoge, and APDHA, the Foreigners Detention Centre (CIE) of Algeciras and its annex in Tarifa.

Members of the delegation:

MEPs: Marina Albiol (MEP, GUE/NGL, Spain), Antonio Maíllo Cañadas (IU Andalusia), Inmaculada Nieto Castro (IU Algeciras, MP of Cadiz in the Andalusian Parliament), Alba Doblas Miranda (IU spokesperson in the Andalusian Parliament)

NGOs: Andalucía Acoge, Algeciras Acoge, APDHA

Journalists: yes, but access denied.

Main observations:

The Foreigners Detention Centre of Algeciras is a former prison closed down in 2000 due to its deterioration. It is still very visible it was a prison and its equipment is in a bad state. The prosecutor in Algeciras said that “the structure [was] horrible”. In the visit room, communication with family members still takes place through partitions, in spite of judgments of magistrates of control, which decided the end of this practice in other cities. Criteria used to determine the inmates’ minority are only based on bones age test. Concerning the legal aid, the centre’s director said they didn’t know court-appointed lawyers’ availabilities, despite a legal aid desk operational at the  Cadiz’s Bar. They also ignore the judges’ decision that foresees that the inmates should be informed of the possibilities of getting in touch with NGOs and should have access to the NGOs’ list. Confidentiality of written communications with the competent judge is not granted. Strip search  is a usual method in the Centre. The interpreting service is limited and only provided by the national police. Access to medical treatment 24/24 is not granted, while it is foreseen by the rules of the Centre, and medical care is externalized.

Moreover, in the CIE of Tarifa, bedrooms have no clear separation with toilets, which makes the toilet’ user is visible by the others persons present in the room.

Press review (in Spanish):








In attachment, the full report of the visit (in Spanish).