Dinamopress.it: 1st of march on the walls of Rome: NO MORE CIE

Article posted the 2014/03/01

Shortly after midnight on March 1, the day of the rights of migrant workers, have appeared on the walls of Rome 9 huge posters claiming the closure of the CIE of Ponte Galeria and all detention centres for migrants. From Kant street to Cristoforo Colombo street, from La Spezia street to Scalo San Lorenzo, from Porta Maggiore to Prenestina street the walls of the mestizo city shout NO MORE CIE. This action is direct cotninuity with the demonstration of thousands of people that on the 15th of February protested in front of the concentration camp of Rome-Ponte Galeria and attacked the perimeter fences.

The detention centres for migrants are illegitimate places that must be closed. In the last week, also the Municipality of Rome and the Lazio Region approved two resolutions to ask officially to close the CIE of Ponte Galeria and to free all the migrants detained. Now is the time to move on the facts and to let evrybody go away from that ignoble place. The mobilization of the movements will continue till the detention centre will be definitevely closed. Let’s shutdown Ponte Galeria! Rome is mestizo! Freedom for everybody!

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